Audit and Inventory

At CenterLink Technologies, we see time and time again companies losing money on a monthly basis as a result of not having the time, knowledge or resources to effectively manage their telecommunications expenses. Additionally, invoices have become increasingly vague and difficult to understand. Spending hours on the phone attempting to obtain a clear picture of each invoice only to find yourself more confused and frustrated is not in anyone’s best interest.

For these reasons we offer to partner with clients to hold telecommunication carriers accountable. CenterLink Technologies has developed a TaaS offer, that allows us to audit each invoice and provide a detailed Inventory giving you a clear understanding of your monthly costs and services. You’ll have a clear and complete perspective of the following:

  • Account List
  • Local, Long Distance and Data
  • Service(s) & Line Inventory
  • POTS Lines (Active, Unnecessary or Unused)
  • Cost Detail
  • Includes Tax, Fees and Surcharges
  • Local & Long Distance Usage Detail
  • Monthly Fee, Surcharges & Rates

Saving Identification & Recommendation

In developing inventories we’ve noted in many instances there are potential savings opportunities founded on updated service offerings, technology changes and simple cost reductions based on contractual obligations. Our team has the knowledge and expertise based on our experience in carrier relationships to quickly identify savings opportunities. Taking the savings identification process a step further, we also provide a detailed savings analysis based on the potential savings compared to your current telecommunications spend.

What’s Included in the Savings Identification & Recommendation Program:

  • Executive Summary Savings Detail Based on Service(s)
  • Rate, Service & Contract Negotiation Contract Review and Confirmation
  • Authorized Savings Implementation Implemented Savings Verification

The Savings Identification, Recommendation & Implementation is included in the standard Telco as a Service Managed Service offering. If your interest is simply to have the details needed to accurately account and benchmark your monthly carrier costs we can perform the Audit, Inventory & Savings Recommendation on a Fee basis. For additional details contact us here.