Managed Services

ClarityLogoCenterLink Technologies understands the day to day challenges companies face in this ever changing global economy. Every dollar counts and managing the operational expenditures to the exact penny is critical. Too often we have seen clients pay significant fees or overages on their Telecommunications services invoice for the simple reasons of not having the human resources to effectively manage or the expertise to understand the fees contracted. In a national survey it was identified that the following statistics currently plague the industry;

  • 35% of telecom invoice have some sort of error

  • 85% of these errors are in favor of the carrier

  • 87% of these errors are small – representing value of $1 – $499 per invoice.

These statistics reinforce the ongoing challenges companies face on a monthly basis. For this reason, it is imperative customers accurately manage their month to month telecommunications service expenses to avoid overpaying. This is where CLARITY comes into play. CLARITY allows organizations to effectively manage fixed-line voice, data connectivity and wireless services in a simple centralized management platform designed to proactively and efficiently streamline your costs. This allows you to holistically simplify the management of your telecommunication services with a focus on optimizing your monthly service costs.

 Why Choose Managed Services?

  • Lacking the time or resources internally to efficiently manage telecom expenses each month?
  • Do you prefer a pro-active approach to managing costs but need help getting all of the details organized?
  • Do you prefer to rely on industry experts to manage your telecom environment?

 Achieve Peace of Mind


Entrusting your entire lifecycle management to our experienced audit teams takes the worry out of telecom.

Let our telecom experts help with:

  • ŸWireless, Voice and Data Management
  • ŸCursory and On-Going Invoice Audit
  • ŸProcurement and Order Fulfillment
  • ŸInventory Management
  • ŸCost Allocation
  • Invoice Accuracy Verification
  • ŸNetwork and Wireless Optimization
  • ŸRFP Management
  • Contract Negotiation