Cloud Solutions


What is Cloud Technology?

No technology description has been more overused than the term “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing”.  The term “cloud” refers to the way that networks, specifically the Internet, can now pool resources in data centers to offer “hosted” or offsite solutions including server, desktop, storage, and backup.  In reality, the cloud is just the latest iteration of a concept that has been called many things in the past but has been made a reality through two key components, system virtualization and expanding network bandwidth.

Cloud computing has come a long way to become a mainstream technology tool for business.  Let’s face it Information Technology systems can be a huge driver of competitive advantage or a significant disadvantage.  We also point out that historically, technology that larger companies used was not available to smaller companies, who typically have 50 employees or less, that is no longer the case in a large part due to the Cloud.  The next logical question knowing the future is how does the Cloud pertain to my business?   And in what ways can I leverage it to cut my costs and improve my overall productivity?

That’s where we come in, our goal is to assist clients understand the benefits that the Cloud can help them.  The beautiful thing about Cloud is the flexibility it offers, this is not an all or nothing proposition.  We position the Cloud to provide end users immediate access to new, always-on features from nearly any device in any location. It can also give businesses a predictable, subscription-based, pay-per-use way to fund IT.

Our approach is simple, just like each business is unique as is our Cloud solution for any given client.  What works best for a manufacturing firm may not be the best for a healthcare business.  This is what separates our company from the competition, we genuinely want to help you navigate the complexities of the “Interconnected Cloud” and define solutions built around your business through our key partners that help companies meet their ever changing demands to position technology to work for you.

We want to engage you for a Cloud Readiness Migration to design an intelligent way you can leverage these ever growing resources to your advantage.