Our Solutions

CenterLink Technologies is “Your Information Technology Resource Provider.”  We provide solutions designed to help businesses with their connectivity, mobility, Backup & Recovery and Cloud enablement strategies.   We offer a unique approach that is customer centric and driven through our technology partners.

We offer a new way to manage IT systems through a simple and flexible set of solutions. These begin with leveraging the advancements in the ever growing connectivity infrastructures that have been built across the globe.  IT enables an opportunity to present companies with a new way to implement a best of breed for technology that incorporates flexibility to empower their employees.  Our goal is to assist clients navigate this new world and embrace the emerging technologies available in their markets so they can meet their ever growing business demands.

Our Features:

  •  External Network Connectivity:  It all starts here, this is a key component as all solutions in this next generation of technology will be dependent upon connectivity. Bandwidth is the name of the game – CenterLink can get you more, see how.
  •  Mobility: Today a mobile workforce is more than just a cellular phone.  Integrated applications connectivity is a vital part for all industries. Streamline your mobile communications and empower your workforce with the tools for success. Mobile application delivery builds success.
  •  Backup and Recovery:  Most companies don’t give Backup and Recovery a thought until it’s too late. CenterLink will do that thinking for you, allow us to be your guide in designing a Business Continuity solution built around your needs.
  •  Cloud Solutions:  Rest assured your system and data are accessible, secure and up to date.  We want to talk to you about the advantages of the CenterLink Cloud Solutions.  What’s your migration strategy?
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